You can help protect America’s school children by making a donation.

Our mission is to lend expensive but simple-to-use electronic equipment to students, teachers, and parents that make invisible threats to human health and life success visible, at no cost to the school.

As of this writing, we loan equipment to survey:

  • Indoor air quality (both for its impact on learning, and health),
  • Drinking water for unhealthy levels of lead
  • Indoor environments for Radon gas

We have helped people inspect over 40 K-12 schools, and found significant opportunities to raise student test scores one or two letter grades while reducing illness among students and teachers. Fixing the problems is often surprisingly cheap.

During 2019, we are expanding our focus to the State of North Carolina, and, given sufficient donations, beyond.

In the case of testing for lead in the drinking water, the cost to us is around $15.00 per each test run. (A typical primary and middle school has between 8 and 12 drinking fountains, and a few faucets in the food preparation area, so the cost would be between $80 and $100 per school). This compares well to the $50.00 per sample charged by outside laboratories.

Surveying a school for radon costs us about $10 per school.

Surveying a school for indoor air quality learning and health related issues costs us about $100 per school per week, (assuming you are going to survey 8 classrooms for a week), plus shipping, which costs about $25.00 each way.

The majority of working hours put into this project are done by experienced and knowledgeable volunteers. We have a few folks with specialty skills who work 10 hours a week for pay at modest hourly rates.

The vast majority of your donation will go to cover the cost of the equipment we lend out to make invisible pollution visible.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to us at

The Pollution Detectives is a small Not-For-Profit 501-c-3 incorporated in the State of North Carolina. Our EIN number is 82-0594919.