Interested? Get Updates! Join Our Cause!

  • We need more citizen detectives who want to improve the health and well-being of their families and communities.

  • We offer internships (and with the right circumstances, academic credit) and other volunteer opportunities.

  • We are looking for writers, web developers, social media experts, environmental scientists, and people concerned about or skilled in health-related fields to join us.

Are you engaged with a group like Girl Scouts, Future Farmers, Rotary Clubs, or Elks?  Are you a “retired” person who has underused skills and time?

Reach out – we need you!  Tell us your area of interest, and any training or education you may have in your chosen area.  (Lack of training does not mean you cannot help–we want to make sure we don’t ask you to do things you are not yet ready to do).  The range of talent we need is quite broad–administrative, computer skills, field work, publicity, lab work–whatever it takes to get this information investigated, collected, and in front of the people who can help fix the problem.

If you are interested in doing some pollution detection, getting updates, or in supporting our effort, please fill out the form below!

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