Learn how to spend Covid Relief money to protect kids and improve their learning

In schools, poor indoor air quality increases error rates in mental activity. If you go to www.thepollutiondetectives.org, on the top bar you will see a link to six brief videos that will teach you astonishing facts about how half of all American schools have indoor air quality issues that lower student performance by 15-17%. Covid relief money can be used to fix this as well as protect the kids from the virus.

Look at this image that shows how airplane pilot error rates increase when they are in a plane with “poor air quality”.

This “poor air quality” used to test pilots’ mental acuity is much better the air quality of almost all classrooms.

The “Safe landing” level of CO2 during this test was 700 PPM. The “Not Safe landing” was 2,500 PPM. Modern schools are designed to operate at 5,000 PPM, and EPA has found that more than half of all American schools have indoor air quality issues above that.

You can see how impactful fixing this lack of fresh air can be in the graph below. The more fresh air you put in a classroom, the lower the Carbon Dioxide and the smarter the kids.

However, the focus of local school boards and school leadership is often on controlling the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic by installing better filters, and various germ and virus killing lights. This does not bring in more oxygen to lower CO2 levels.

Those expenditures miss the opportunity to increase fresh air and learning.  It is possible to spend this Covid-19 relief money in a way that will solve all of these problems at once.

Please look at the first short video, and then follow your heart.

If you are interested in borrowing any pollution detection tools, go to www.thepollutiondetectives.org, select the topic you are interested in, and fill out the forms to request the loan of equipment.

And standby for more emails….this is going to be exciting!

Authored by Francis Koster Ed. D.